Inverness Academy | Piccolo meets Dali

The old academy

Hélène Coulombe

Hélène Coulombe's creative exploration is an unconscious and solitary response to the world around her. It is a reflection of the amalgam of what both nature and the object created by man suggest.
Inspired by the thousands of details out of context, she is in constant search for balance and purification of the forms, the movement and the emotion that the explored matter arouses. Although her initial practice was in graphic and pictorial art, it gradually transitioned to sculptural art. From time immemorial and even today, her approach has always been marked by a vision naturally focused on synthesis.
 Today, motivated by the exploration of compositions and innovation, her creative approach continues and claims by itself her constant quest for identity. She explores all materials and all forms of art aimed at discovering the new and reacts spontaneously to what makes her vibrate, thus ensuring perpetual evolution.
''Energy is my common thread, while working on a sculpture I have the feeling of transmitting my own energy to the material and if possible, a positive energy which suggests strength in movement, it is essential, it is necessary that we find this trace in the final work. Even motionless a sculpture must express a certain dynamic which gives it its own personality '.

Source: Hélène Coulombe

Prize awarded by the Canadian cancer society

Hélène Coulombe has been very prolific in the field of corporate works. The Canadian Cancer Society, '' Centraide du grand Montreal '', Pratt & Withney, '' La Capitale et la Coopérative Fédérée de Québec '' are among the companies and organizations that have used her talent.

In particular, she received the Pinnacle prize from the Canadian Cancer Society (picture).

Back in time

The Inverness Academy was an important place of education for English speaking students in the Canton of Inverness. P

hoto coll. of Gilles St-Pierre.


You access the first floor by climbing this magnificent original staircase.

View from upstairs

Another view of this superb staircase.

Inside the academy

The academy houses this magnificent hall.

List of students

List of students of the academy with ages, years of schooling and days of attendance.

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