Atelier du bronze | Festival du boeuf

The second foundry in the village

At the heart of the action

Here we are in the heart of the second bronze workshop!

Photo credit: Daniel Mala.

Near the site of the Festival du bœuf

Opposite the Bronze Workshop, towards the end of the summer, the site of the Festival du bœuf presents several coveted activities, including the parade, the rodeo, country songs and popular dinners.

Beef Cattle Demonstration in Inverness

In 1967, Inverness also celebrated the centenary of its agricultural fair. Three years later, however, it moved to Thetford Mines. During all its years, however, it gave rise to cultural exchanges and fraternity between local and regional ethnic groups.

Photo credit: François Fleury, 1941.

Shorthorn beef in Inverness

It is interesting to note the evolution of cattle breeds in the composition of livestock. While the first breeders imported Durham and Shorthorn, at the annual auction of the Association of cattle breeders in the fall of 1986, it's the Charolais which wins the palm with 61% of sales.

Photo credit: François Fleury, 1941.


The officers of the Slaughter Animal Associations at the traditional annual meeting in Inverness.

Photo Credit: François Fleury, 1941.

Cattle auction

While cattle breeding became the primary industry in Inverness during the past century, it was given the title of  center for cattle breeding in Quebec.

Bo-Ness, mascot of the Festival du Bœuf

The name of the festival mascot is a suitcase word made of beef and Inverness, Bo-Ness. 1981

Site du Festival du Boeuf

In 1985, the festival already enjoyed a reputation that attracted festival-goers from across Quebec.

Equestrian competitions, nowadays

Today, the ''Festival du Bœuf'' is one of the most important festivals of its kind in Quebec with 6 days of programming. It takes place every year in the week before Labor Day until this one.

Photo credit: Sophie Carignan.

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