Lisgar Collegiate Institute

Built in 1873

The Lisgar Collegiate Institute was built in 1873 (picture of the building before it was modified). Back in the days, it was named the Ottawa Collegiate Institute.

Lisgar Collegiate Institute

Even though the two ghosts haunting the place aren't considered as evil, according to what some people say, the last floor of the school would have been closed since several years because of ghostly appearances.

Everything started in the 1940s

Everything started in the 1940s, when a young girl was killed by falling ice sliding from the school roof. Wanting to avoid such an incident to happen again, the school janitors went to clear the roof. One of them slid and fell down. He died instantly.

Anormal phenomena

Ever since these two macabre events, several people have heard of anormal phenomena in the building.

Different ghost signs

People reported different ghost signs like temperature drop, feeling of presence, strange noises and suspicious lights.

Lisgar Collegiate Institute

Today, several people think it is one of Ottawa's most haunted places.

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