Friday's Roast Beef House

Built in 1875

This house, commonly called the Grant House, was built for Sir James Alexander Grant in 1875.

Sir James Alexander Grant

Dr. Grant was a member of the Conservative Party of Canada from 1867 to 1874 and he was a well-known doctor in Ottawa. He was also known for his eccentric behavior.

Friday's Roast Beef House

The paranormal activities started when the house became the Friday's Roast Beef House in 1972. This popular restaurant was apparently haunted by Dr. Grant, its first owner.

Loud breath noises

The restaurant employees often heard loud breath noises and coughing even though there wasn't anyone near them.

Feeling observed

Several women have admitted feeling observed on the second floor bathroom.

Friday's Roast Beef House

The Friday's Roast Beef House is now closed, but the house would still be haunted.

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