Airlie Villa

Airlie Villa.

In 1863, a gentleman merchant from Quebec City by the name of William Poston commissioned a local carpenter, Abraham Gagné, to build the summer residence that he and his family would return to for 39 years.  Framed in a style similar to the local farmhouses, it was erected on higher foundations to allow room for a basement kitchen.

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Photo : Lynda Dionne

Dormer windows and gingerbread trim

Dormer windows and gingerbread trim.

The house is adorned with distinctive Victorian architectural details, especially the gingerbread trim along the roof and fancy fretwork around the dormer windows.  The rectangular windows and the imposing front entrance were given richly carved moldings.

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Photo : Yvan Roy

Airlie Villa around 1920

Airlie Villa around 1920.

Airlie has been in the Peter Ogilvie family, from Montreal, since 1912. Mr. Ogilvie, a Montreal plumbing contractor, first came to Cacouna to install the plumbing in Sir Montagu Allan's summer residence.  Sir Montagu, owner of The Allan Line shipping company, regularly called upon Mr. Ogilvie's services.  The Ogilvies were quickly won over by the beauty of the St. Lawrence River and the local beaches.  Plumbing was installed in many of Cacouna’s summer houses thanks to Mr. Ogilvie.

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Ann Arkell Collection

A garden view behind the villa

A garden view behind the villa.

This main entrance opens to a wide hall leading to the gardens and tennis court at the rear of the house.  The broad wraparound veranda facilitates access from all sides. P.59 DC

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Ann Arkell Collection

The vibrant colours of Ann Arkell’s gardens

The vibrant colours of Ann Arkell’s gardens.

Even today, under the attentive care of Ann Arkell, Peter Ogilvie’s granddaughter, the vibrant colours of the Villa Airlie gardens are perfectly suited to Cacouna’s romantic natural setting. 

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Ann Arkell Collection

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