Waterloo Cemetery

50, rue de la Cour

50 rue de la Cour - Slack-Ellis House

In its first hundred years of its history, from 1867 to 1967, Waterloo saw 48 mayors in its Town Hall, with each one staying in power an average of two and a half years. Edward Slack was the exception to this rule, and he was mayor for seven years, from 1881 to 1888. It showed just how popular he was with the town councillors, since they were the ones responsible for electing the mayor. Waterloo had to wait until Armand Russell was mayor in 1957 to beat Edward Slack’s record.


Waterloo Cemetery

As visitors to the town can see, the cemetery where Waterloo’s pioneers now rest is located at the centre of town. We owe this unusual location indirectly to A.B. Foster, important land owner and railway magnate. In the early 19th century, when the cemetery was first established, it was in the countryside and far from the population of Waterloo. It was only after 1860 that this part of the village was developed, the churches built, houses constructed and the population surrounded the cemetery. And once more, it was A.B. Foster who provided the initiative for this development.

To continue the tour: Walk up rue Shaw alongside the cemetery to rue Foster, where you’ll find Dr. Jameson's house on the corner. Please note the attached garage (formerly the stables), which is remarkably well preserved.


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