Curé Georges-Élisée Panneton

Reverend Canon Georges-Élisée Panneton 1866-1950

It is such a pleasure to welcome you to Saint-Narcisse!

My name is Reverend Canon Georges-Élisée Panneton and you are standing next to what has been my church for fifteen years.

I was born in Trois-Rivieres, in 1866, to a farming father. I was accepted to attend the Great Seminary of Trois-Rivières and was ordinated priest in 1890. For twenty years, I was entrusted with several professorial and clerical responsibilities.

In 1915, Monseigneur François-Xavier Cloutier appointed me parson of Saint-Narcisse. Upon arrival, I joined my new parishioners in a major project at the time: enlarging the church. Captivated by my musical prowess, the parish purchased the Casavant organ with which Mrs. Flore Trudel accompanied the choir for nearly fifty years. I initiated her to music myself when she was very young.

In 1920, the adjacent cemetery was full. It was therefore necessary to choose another land and to transfer the bodies. Then, in 1926, a parish hall was built on the vacant land. This room was used for various parish, municipal and school meetings.

The post-war years (14–18) were difficult for farmers. In the spring of 1925, as I was aware of their problems, I founded a branch of UCC which stands for "Union Catholique des Cultivateurs" or “Catholic Farmers Unions” in Saint-Narcisse. It helped improve crops and sell products.

In 1927, hand in hand with the parishioners, I reorganized and incorporated the mutual insurance against fire.

Then I was appointed honorary president of the credit union. At the invitation of the directors, I also occasionally participated in meetings as an advisor.

I believe that during these fifteen years as a citizen of Saint-Narcisse, I have been a leading pastor in the development of our community values.

I lived happily there, but considering my fragile health, I eventually had to leave.

On February 16, 1930, at Sunday Mass, I blessed the parishioners for the last time.

Do not forget my motto: "In everything and everywhere, may God be blessed!"

You will always be welcome in Saint-Narcisse.

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