Discover Northern Ontario’s Francophone Heritage

Discover Northern Ontario’s Francophone Heritage

From 1910, Francophones began to arrive from Quebec and sometimes from Acadia to cultivate the land or work in the forests and mines of northern Ontario. The remoteness of the municipalities located there has ensured that this vast territory has preserved its natural heritage, which has remained largely intact. You will discover endless panoramas, trails for walking, cycling, skiing, snowmobiling and quad biking, as well as countless lakes and rivers for fishing and forests for hunting.

In addition to offering you to discover some of the unmissable and sometimes unknown places of the municipalities and their surroundings, we invite you to discover part of the regional history as well as the cultural heritage of these towns founded by French-speaking people.

At all times, outdoor activities and a warm welcome are among the best assets of these municipalities.

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Discover Northern Ontario’s Francophone Heritage