Cacouna Heritage Walk

Cacouna Heritage Walk

Four tours totalizing 50 points of interest lead you in the heart of the cultural and historical roots of Cacouna village.

Meet its first inhabitants and enter its old hamlets with « Maritime Cacouna »; in « The short tour » and « The extended tour » discover the built heritage of the second half of the 19th century when Cacouna lived its water resort phenomenon; finally, « Following in the steps of Nelligan » while listening to his poems, walk the same trails and experience the same surroundings that inspired Emile Nelligan between 1886 and 1898.

In preloaded mode with the mobile application providing access to each tour, without Internet 3G and with your location being tracked by the real-time GPS of your phone or pad. Become your own guide! Nearly all points of interest are accessible by car all year round. For a deeper and more enjoyable experience we recommend you walk the tours section by section. Physical panels complete or resume the information in most places.


Presented by la Corporation de développement de Cacouna whit the financial support of : La Conférence régionale des Élus du Bas-Saint-Laurent, la Caisse Populaire de Viger et Villeray, le Fonds d’initiatives culturelles de la MRC de Rivière-du-Loup, le Pacte rural de la MRC de Rivière-du-Loup, la Municipalité de Cacouna, le Journal EPIK de Cacouna et les auteurs Lynda Dionne et Georges Pelletier.

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Cacouna Heritage Walk